Your experience counts.

You already have lots of experience and would like to make a fresh start? Set sail and go to sea? We have the right Playground for you: Creative freedom as far as the eye can see. And a corporate culture that focuses on enduring values. We are sure to have the right job for you!

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With us, you can do more with your skills.

We are looking for authentic people like you. People who love their job and are looking for a challenge. People who have respect. You want to contribute your skills and accompany the HABA FAMILYGROUP into the future that way. As an expert or a leader. We welcome both, because both are equally important. We offer the Playground you need to flourish and develop, with great colleagues and motivated teams. Apply now for one of our current vacancies – we also welcome unsolicited applications. We genuinely look forward to hearing from you!

So far: Experience. In the future: Opportunities.

As a company we do not stand still, and we facilitate our employees’ development and growth. We believe in lifelong learning and variety, and we strive to make a difference. We provide our experts with tailored further training opportunities. Our managers have the opportunity to develop their skills and network in a variety of ways.

What else we have to offer

"Flexible for sure."

A safe job is very important to me, that's what I appreciate here. At the same time, I enjoy the opportunities to take on new tasks all the time. Added to that are flexible working hours, which give me more freedom as a family man.

Thade Precht, Product Development Games

Close to our roots yet cosmopolitan.

We are at home in the beautiful town of Bad Rodach . But at the same time we are also very much present across Germany and internationally. Cycling, hiking, and enjoying some peace and quiet. That’s what work-live balance looks like here in Bad Rodach. And it’s only a stone's throw to other great towns, such as Coburg, Bamberg and Erfurt.

But we’re always heading for new shores: With our new capital city studio in Berlin. Berlin is almost as nice as Bad Rodach: cosmopolitan, charming and unique.

Deine Ansprechpartnerin

Ramona Müller
Referentin HR Marketing & Recruiting