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Thank you very much for your interest. The locations of HABA Digital Workshop have been closed since August 2023.

In the year 2016, we launched the HABA Digital Workshop as an initiative for digital education – a creative space for learning and experience for children and adults, families and schools, as well as other cooperating partners. After seven eventful years, with over 5,000 workshops, courses, and holiday camps, the HABA Digital Workshop has reached around 70,000 children. In a particularly appreciative atmosphere and with mindful guidance, we programmed together, tinkered, built robots, and learned a lot of new things. Our team dedicated themselves to this important task every day with a lot of passion and was rewarded with shining children's eyes and many positive "aha" moments from both young and old.

We express our gratitude for this valuable journey.

THANK YOU to all the schools and partners who supported us and placed their trust in us.
THANK YOU to all the children who rewarded us with such great enthusiasm, so much commitment, and shining eyes.
And ABOVE ALL, THANK YOU to our team of trainers who, in these shared years, imparted much more than just theoretical content.

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