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JAKO-O's new magazine format, new products and tips for spring complement each other.
Press Release | Bad Rodach, 10.03.2021

Just in time for the eagerly awaited start of spring, JAKO-O is presenting a colorful mix of new everyday helpers and exciting impulses in its new magazine. In the first of four planned issues in 2021, 50 pages are packed with outdoor outfits, practical companions for outdoors and tips and tricks from the topics of everyday life, adventure and action under the motto "Outdoor happiness." "Our magazine is intended to inspire parents and children and is equipment for exciting outdoor activities. Even when the sun isn't shining - there's always plenty to discover in nature, and we accompany our readers on their way to their own personal outdoor happiness," explains Theresa Collum, Head of Brand Management at JAKO-O. The magazine can be ordered now free of charge at

The Nature Fun Book is a travel guide and discovery aid at the same time. Handy and lovingly illustrated, it answers all questions about animals, plants and processes in the forest, meadow and garden on 164 pages. Readers young and old learn how to measure the weather with a pine cone, how best to behave in the forest, and why one cubic meter of forest floor has more living creatures than there are people on earth. In addition, there are craft tips, recipe ideas, and so many suggestions for outdoors that you'll wish you never went inside.

Fleece has become an indispensable part of children's fashion. JAKO-O has now developed the popular material further - and made it more environmentally friendly and even cuddlier. In JAKO-O cotton fleece, 95% natural cotton meets only 5% synthetically produced fleece. The new material not only protects the environment, but is also cuddly soft, breathable, and does not build up static electricity - making it the ideal leisure companion for children.

Zipp-off pants are also a must-have for leisure time. Thanks to the zipper above the knees, long pants quickly become shorts - so little action heroes can flexibly decide which style suits the current adventure. Thanks to Kevlar® reinforcement and water-repellent material, the pants are ready for any use.

On a journey of discovery with the nature fun book
Spring is finally here and nature is gradually awakening from its winter sleep. So it's high time to explore forests, meadows and gardens! JAKO-O provides the right companion for this with the Nature Fun Book. With this nature guide, even ordinary walks become an adventure: "Even in narrow strips of green, there is so much to discover. We therefore wanted to give parents and children ideas for exploring nature together - and make sure that parents are equipped to answer their children's many questions! That's why we have presented the most important animal and plant species as well as cycles in nature in a child-friendly and clear way in the book. We've also included a few fun craft tips using natural materials," explains Ulrike Fischer, Product Developer & Designer Goods at JAKO-O. In addition, the 164 lovingly illustrated pages contain recipes, adventure games and ideas for outings for the whole family. Learning fun is guaranteed - and will draw even the most die-hard homebodies into nature.

Made by JAKO-O: Cotton fleece for clean oceans
It's hard to imagine everyday life without fleece jackets: they're practical, lightweight and keep you warm when you're out and about. In terms of environmental protection, there was still room for improvement with the synthetically produced material fleece - reason enough for JAKO-O to come up with something new. The reduction of environmental pollution and the responsible use of resources are deeply rooted at JAKO-O. Together with long-standing partners, an alternative to synthetic fleece fabrics was therefore developed, which for the first time combines natural materials and outdoor textiles. The new JAKO-O cotton fleece is made of 95% cotton and is therefore significantly more sustainable than previous materials. It is also more environmentally friendly: JAKO-O makes an important contribution to avoiding microplastics. The 5% residual polyester in the cotton fleece is used for stability and was processed between the densely woven cotton layers on the inside and outside. This innovative material structure ensures that only the natural cotton comes into contact with children's skin. In addition, only degradable cotton and no synthetic fibers come off during washing. The ecological harmlessness of the product and the value chain is also confirmed by the Oeko-Tex Association, which certifies all JAKO-O cotton fleece articles with the highest Standard 100. The new material therefore not only protects the environment, but is also cuddly soft, breathable, and does not build up static electricity - making it the ideal leisure companion for children.

Zip-off in a jiffy: these pants can do it all
If you want to study nature in depth, you need the right equipment. Because when it comes to going through the forest or over hill and dale, clever material is called for. JAKO-O's Zipp-Off trousers are just the thing for all little outdoor explorers, offering a versatile companion that can do it all. The best thing about it: parents only have to pack one pair of pants, but get two at the same time. The zipper above the knees turns the long pants into shorts in no time at all. And because the ground sometimes comes at you faster than you'd like, the knees are trimmed with fibers made of genuine Kevlar®. This material also reinforces firefighting suits and, together with the water-repellent reinforcements on the bottom and hem, ensures that the pants are a reliable companion in any weather. And if the pants do need to be washed after a long day in the outdoors: The breathable lightweight microfiber material is quick-drying - and the pants Ruckzuck back already for the next adventure.

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