Our Company

Our roots are in Bad Rodach, Upper Franconia. The company headquarters are and will remain here, but our branches reach around the world. Our subsidiaries can be found on many continents – from Europe to Asia and America.

Facts & Figures

There are many interesting facts and figures about the HABA FAMILYGROUP. For instance, the total number of employees and the female-to-male ratio, deep in the idyllic hills of the northern Bavarian countryside at the HABA FAMILYGROUP headquarters in the tranquil town of Bad Rodach a lot is going on.


Would you like to gain insight into the HABA FAMILYGROUP?


We are enablers and companions for families. We develop, produce and sell high-quality products for the areas of family life, play, movement, clothing, education, furniture and fittings for families as well as social, public and private facilities.

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