Facts & Figures

The HABA FAMILYGROUP, which is headquartered in Bad Rodach in Upper Franconia, currently has more than 2,000 employees worldwide.

Together under one roof

The roof is provided by HABA Group B.V. & Co.KG

» Sales: This is where you can find brands, products and sales. When it comes to our customers we communicate with clearly positioned brands and individual brand identities.
» Supply Chain: Purchasing, logistics and production are brought together in one department. This lets us optimize the entire value-added process, from suppliers to customers.
» Corporate & Services: The staff units and central functions support all departments. They are the supporting pillars of our organization and have an important service and guidance function.

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54.8 %
Ø 12.3 Years
38.7 %

100% of the employees of the HABA FAMILYGROUP are made up of 54.8% women and 45.2% men. Of these, 48.8 % work in industrial occupations and 51.2 % in the commercial sector.