We are always there!

We are the family for families.

We develop, produce and sell high-quality products for the areas of family life, play, movement, clothing, education, furniture and fittings for families as well as social, public and private facilities.


Inventor for children

Making children's eyes light up … this is what HABA has been doing for over 80 years. All our designers, and game and book editors tinker, design, test and play with a creativity and a keen eye for what children want. Year after year, this results in a large number of durable products with a special design that children love to play with. The aim is to playfully accompany children on their journeys and to make their lives happier and more exciting. From the very beginning!


Simply be a child

Developing products for children and families from the very beginning, products that do not restrict children but rather offer them the freedom they need. Products that encourage children to romp about, discover and go on adventures: products that help children be children.

We have been doing this for over 30 years and we everything with this in mind. We want our children to become happy adults. It is not least because almost all of us are parents ourselves that that’s what we’re aiming for. And this is why we do what we do with passion. With a lot of love, dedication and for good reasons.


FIT-Z continues where small children start turn into older ones – with fashion and more, of the usual quality, from size 128. FIT-Z offers fashion, products and inspiration that support kids from 8 to 12 years develop their own personality. And all the FIT-Z products are now available to order from the JAKO-O Shop.


promote - educate - experience

As a full-service outfitter for nurseries, kindergartens, children's day care centers and social institutions, Wehrfritz brings over 80 years of experience to the education market. When it comes to the development and distribution of a wide range of teaching and learning materials, innovative furniture and pedagogically sound room concepts, we always focus on the needs of children, nursery teachers and educators.



As an innovative supplier to educational institutions, we offer solutions for integrated learning environments. They help students learn and teachers teach. We aim to design and equip spaces in schools with different pedagogical approaches such that they become places to live in where students and teachers can develop their individuality.

HABA Digitalwerkstatt

A creative space for education and experience

The HABA Digitalwerkstatt (Digital Workshop) is a creative educational and experiential space where children between the ages of 6 and 12 can discover the digital world through play. Under the guidance of experienced media educators and trainers, they learn to use computers and tablets as creative tools and are encouraged to put their ideas into practice. The Digital Workshop aims to be a competent point of contact for parents and teachers. Together with them, the Digital Workshop aims to find new and creative ways to turn digital technologies into beneficial tools for education and training.