Our brands stand for high quality.

Anyone can talk about quality. But the quality standards of the company family are signed and sealed.


The HABA FAMILYGROUP has been awarded the title of the most family-friendly company in Upper Franconia by the Bavarian state government in its "Erfolgreich.Familienfreundlich" (Successful.Family-friendly) competition.
"At the HABA FAMILYGROUP, we work for the best target group in the world – children and their families. We're very happy to receive these two awards, as many of our employees are parents themselves. That’s why the compatibility of family and career is particularly important to us," Dr. Mario Wilhelm, Director Human Resources & Legal, was pleased to say.

ISO 9001

The quality management standard is nationally and internationally recognized and widely used. It forms the basis for the company’s continuous internal improvement process and is a well-established tool for optimizing the company's performance. The ISO 9001 standard defines the minimum requirements of a quality management system. This process-oriented approach allows the company to monitor processes and compare target values with actual values. If any discrepancies are identified, measures for improvement and change are defined and planned.

German Sustainable Building Council

Sustainability is a central part of the corporate philosophy - the "Leschenhof" office building, completed at the end of 2012, also stands in this tradition and was awarded the gold certificate by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). The certificate is a voluntary national and international standard for the classification of eco-friendly, resource-saving and sustainable buildings. The office building of the HABA FAMILYGROUP meets 84.6% of the assessment criteria and is therefore one of the top 20 buildings certified with gold in Germany.
The certificate was presented in the fall of 2014.

ICTI code of conduct

In the mid-1990s, the International Council of Toy Industries adopted a code of conduct. Among other things, it stipulates that toy manufacturers certified under the code must adhere to legally defined working hours, wage regulations and payments in the event of illness or pregnancy, i.e. adhere to humane working conditions. The code prohibits child, forced and prison labor. The HABA FAMILYGROUP works exclusively with manufacturers who comply with the ICTI code. The company has been committed to this since 2006.

International environmental management standard

The international environmental management standard is a globally recognized list of requirements for environmental management. Its focus is on the ongoing improvement of a company's environmental performance that follows the plan - execute - control - optimize process. Certified companies set environmental targets and establish an operational environmental management system that helps to achieve these targets. Active environmental protection and sustainability have always been part of the philosophy of the HABA FAMILYGROUP.