The new breeze.upp room concept from HABA Pro – room to breathe deeply in day-to-day childcare life

Press Release | Bad Rodach , 24.11.2022

breeze.upp – geared towards the needs of children and educational specialists
breeze.upp supports teachers in their work with clever furniture
solutions. All furniture can be rearranged in just a few simple steps.
This means that the furniture can be individually adapted to various
everyday situations with little effort. Children and professionals are
given space to relax with each other and also to breathe deeply –
even in stressful situations. The breeze.upp elements offer precisely
this and combine playful elements with practical ones, such as
sound insulation solutions. In this way, the room is designed based
on the needs of children and teachers.

You want more informations about the new room concept breeze.upp of HABA Pro. Click here.

Public Relations
Dana Hanf/Kristin Weiß
August Grosch Strasse 28-38
96476 Bad Rodach, Germany
E-mail: presse@haba.com

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