Our Commitment

We aim to offer children the inspiration, play worlds and learning opportunities that they need for their development. To achieve it, we will be growing together more closely as a joint corporate group in which brands and employees can continue to evolve and develop, and in which the expectations of our customers are served as well as possible.


Promoting and maintaining the health of all employees is one of the most important concerns of the HABA FAMILYGROUP. Which is why, in 2014, the occupational health management (BGM) system was introduced, which helps employees lead a healthy lifestyle. Its approach is holistic and includes a healthy diet, exercise facilities and counseling services as well as the latest ergonomic office equipment.

  • A healthy diet: The company canteen in Bad Rodach serves fresh and seasonal food every day.
  • Health day: Departmental health days address the individual stresses and strains of employees.
  • Job bicycle
  • And much more

We focus on people

The HABA FAMILYGROUP offers a wide range of social benefits to create a pleasant and attractive working environment for all employees.

  • Workwear
  • Company pension scheme
  • Company apartments
  • Product discounts
  • And much more

Culture and leadership

The HABA FAMILYGROUP believes that the essence of good leadership and cooperation lies in the joint understanding of what learning, personal responsibility, creativity and cooperation mean. A tree serves as a symbol for the understanding of leadership:
The tree stands for something natural that grows. People, too, should grow with leadership.

It as roots – these are the values of the HABA FAMILYGROUP.

It has a trunk – which stands for trust.

And branches – these are the leadership tasks.

Work and family

The most wonderful target group in the world: Children and their families. This is also the focus for many employees in their private lives. It is therefore particularly important to the HABA FAMILYGROUP to help promote a good work-family balance.

  • Flexible working hour models
  • Mobile working
  • Childcare in the "Luise Habermaass" children's house

Committed to children and families

For the company it is simply a matter of course to be committed to and take responsibility for social issues in addition to its business activities.

  • HABA Family Day