We produce in harmony with nature.

Active environmental protection and sustainable production have for years formed a solid foundation for our corporate activities. Short distances, modern production technology and innovative materials are a matter of course for us.

Energy footprint

Like every other medium-sized company, the HABA FAMILYGROUP has a huge energy requirement, specially as it has its own production facilities. But the special thing about its energy footprint is this: The HABA FAMILYGROUP is not only an energy consumer, but also its own energy supplier. The main types of energy and energy sources used at the HABA FAMILYGROUP are electricity, heat, diesel and natural gas. The main consumers of energy are the toy and furniture production departments. Heat is needed for heating the various buildings as well as for drying timber in the  drying chamber. This heat is generated almost exclusively by burning residual wood.

Own photovoltaics power generation

In recent years, as the company built and converted facilities, some of the HABA FAMILYGROUP building roofs at the company headquarters in Bad Rodach were fitted with PV systems. This means that solar power is generated on site - exactly where it’s needed.

The headquarter of the HABA FAMILYGROUP in Bad Rodach.

Sustainable building technology

Air-conditioning of offices using geothermal heat exchangers, rainwater for sanitary facilities & photovoltaic power generation on the roofs, the HABA FAMILYGROUP uses a wide range of sustainable building technology.

Active nature conservation

In spring and summer it’s particularly obvious: wherever you look on the premises of the HABA FAMILYGROUP you see green leaves and blossoms. The site provides important habitats for bees,  beetles and birds, be it in the form of seasonal flower beds on the roof, the pond with natural reed growth next to the terrace of the company restaurant, a meadow orchard with old and regional fruit varieties in front of the warehouses or the garden with its greenhouse. There are nesting boxes attached to silos and high-bay warehouses, which are used by many bird species.

Sustainable toy development for durable toys

An important goal is to inspire families and to light up children’s eyes. What’s more, many HABA products give children a sense of the beauty of nature and the world of plants at an early age in a playful and fun way. A game for toddlers, for example, promotes an understanding of bees and how they produce honey.

HABA toys offer children various haptic, optical, acoustic and other surprising effects and they never get boring. The HABA toys are constructed and designed with durability and stability in mind.

Unique products and learning concepts

HABA Pro is a competent partner to educational establishments and educational professionals, helping them to create a stimulating environment for children and to promote them in the best possible way. HABA Pro develops integrated learning concepts and products that challenge, encourage and are fun, including spatial concepts, furniture systems, teaching and learning aids and toys.

Resource-saving furniture development

Growing with the children: This is the basic approach JAKO-O and HABA Pro take in the development of their furniture. They are highly durable and accompany the children from their playroom to their first own home.

Sustainable supplier relationships

The HABA FAMILYGROUP understands sustainable procurement to mean the purchase of materials and parts taking into account ecological, economic, environmental and social aspects. The aim is long-term partnerships with suppliers based on trust and honest and open communication.

Solid wood procurement

Almost every day a truck load of beech wood reaches the toy production plant of the HABA FAMILYGROUP – that’s around 5,000 cubic meters a year. Given these large quantities, it is all the more important that delivery routes are short. It is also very important for the HABA FAMILYGROUP to ensuring that a product is sustainable from the very beginning of its life cycle. The company family is also regularly involved in the reforestation of local forests.

Environmentally friendly production

Every year, several thousand items of furniture and outdoor play equipment are manufactured.
What’s important here is not only quality and stability, but also to the conservation of natural resources. As a general in all areas, employing ISO management systems helps to improve energy efficiency and environmental protection as well as occupational safety. Our toy production facility at the company's Bad Rodach site turns a simple wooden board into a colorful HABA toy.

Quality and safety – our top priorities

Through strict in-house quality assurance, independent testing institutes, the careful selection and control of material suppliers and the fulfillment of all standards and guidelines, the HABA FAMILYGROUP ensures that the toys are of the highest level of quality and safety.