Bye-bye school! And now what?

Discover your creative freedom.

Learning by doing – with as much creative freedom as possible. That’s what training at the HABA FAMILYGRPOUP is like. You can expect a wide range of tasks and individual support. The very best conditions for success. Our common goal: For you to end up working with us.

The playground for pupils

We look forward to meeting young people who are dedicated and have fresh new ideas. During our ice-breaker days you can network with other trainees. We draw up a training plan for you based on which you pass through all the departments that are relevant for your training. This gives you insights into the different areas of the company and you will be involved in the day-to-day work routine from day one. Our experienced instructors and many additional offers help you with your development. And by the way: We regularly reward our trainees for their good performance.

Industrial training:

Close to technology and production.

A training course for practitioners and those with aspirations in this field. Do you take a hands-on approach and keep things under control? Then an industrial training course at the HABA FAMILYGROUP could be just right for you. With our industrial job profiles you’re close to the heart of our company: Production and logistics. You are right there when our toys and furniture are created and make their way to our customers. It’s worth your while, because industrial jobs have a future, they are fun and there is variety to them.

    Do you enjoy making things out of wood? Great - it’s our passion too. Here you will learn everything about wood materials and the manufacture of our products. You will learn all about our modern production facilities and how to make marble runs, board games, kindergarten furniture and many other things. And all the while you’ll also make children's eyes light up.

    You have a hands-on approach and love it when everything runs smoothly? As a warehouse clerk, you are responsible for making sure that our products arrive on time at the right address and in the right quality. You will work, for example, in the incoming goods department, the picking department, the packing department, the returns department, and the outgoing goods department. This is a two-year of training course; if you do well, you can add another year and gain the qualification "warehouse logistics specialist”.

    Do you like to keep an eye on the big picture?
    As a production engineer, you will start with basic training and then gain extensive insights into our processes in the IT, production and logistics departments. You will then get to know the working methods and processes of various other departments. You will learn how to integrate new systems and processes, how to identify potential for improvement and how to support colleagues when processes change.

Commercial training:

Customer-focused & communicative

Commercial training means you keep your finger on the pulse of the times. The HABA FAMILYGROUP has a wide range of modern, commercial job profiles. Perhaps you’re interested in the digital world? Then you've come to the right place, because learning digital skills is an integral part of commercial training. As you pass through the different departments, you learn to recognize where your strengths lie. Are you looking for a future-proof job with variety? You are sure to find what you are looking for in one of our commercial departments.

    Do you like variety, have good communication skills and are good at multi-tasking? Perfect!
    As an industrial clerk you will get to know the sales, purchasing, accounting, personnel and marketing departments, among others. You will gain an excellent overview of the commercial processes of a large company. Find out together with us where your passions lie and where you see yourself in the future!

    Do you have a talent for organization and like to keep track of things?
    As a marketing communications clerk you will learn to analyze target groups and develop custom marketing concepts for online and offline channels. And this makes you the marketing and campaigns contact person for the best target group in the world.

  • E-COMMERCE CLERK (m/f/o)
    Have you always wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes of an online shop?
    During your training as an e-commerce clerk you will work on the latest topics in the dynamic world of online retail. You will get to know our online sales channels and deal with topics such as search engine optimization, online marketing and social media. Together with us you will design the best user experience for our customers!

    Do you like listening to others and solving problems, do you have good communication skills and can keep a cool head even when things get difficult?
    All these skills come in handy as a dialog marketing clerk. During your training you will be responsible for advising and supporting our customers and will learn to respond to their needs over the phone and via chat and email.
    In addition to customer service, you will also get to know other exciting departments such as purchasing, controlling and logistics

Training in creative and IT professions.


Is working in the digital world something you’d enjoy?
Whether in media design or in computer science for system integration or application development: On our Playground you can let your imagination run wild. Our course provides technological training at the highest level and with exciting applications. And it provides the best foundation for making rapid progress in this highly sought-after professional field.

  • MEDIA DESIGNER (m/f/o)
    Do you like to be creative in your spare time and are you interested in the latest trends?
    As a media designer you create advertising material that inspires our customers. We want to reach our target groups online as well as in print. And that’s why you create websites and social media posts, and help work on large campaigns. The technical implementation of layouts is also an important part of your training (such as with HTML & CSS).

    Do you take care of WiFi and hardware at home and are you the one family and friends turn to when it comes to IT?
    As an IT specialist specializing in system integration you make sure that our IT systems run smoothly. You advise colleagues and take care, among other things, of operating systems, networks and the issuing of hardware to the departments.

Knowing your way around the Playground.

Do you want to get a taste of how things work in practice, try out new things, & have fun? In other words: Do you want to do more than just watch & join in the game yourself? Then you’ve come to the right place. You can take part in our taster internship, test your skills & get to know us better. Get out onto the playing field right from the start & see if you like it. It isn’t all that unlikely that you will find your future training position at the HABA FAMILYGROUP in the process. Take a little peek! We look forward to your application. Unfortunately, due to current circumstances, we are not offering internships right now. We will of course keep you up to date here.

“You're taken seriously.”

“I felt welcome and taken seriously at the HABA FAMILYGROUP from the very beginning. We had the chance to get to know each other in the first week. The trainers are generous with their time and the atmosphere among us trainees is great. We always look forward to coming in in the morning.”

Fahim Sarbazi, industrial clerk apprentice

“From trainee to manager.”

“My wood mechanic training provided me with the right foundation for an exciting career at the HABA FAMILYGROUP. Today, I am responsible for Operational Excellence, I define all our processes and thus help shape our direction towards success.”

Michael Schönemann, Head of Operational Excellence

“Personal matters count.”

We want to prepare our trainees for their professional life as best as possible. That's why individual support, personal and professional development and diverse and exciting tasks in the departments are especially important to us.”

Ramona Zwierlein, trainee consultant

Go and get your Playground training!

Apply online now, submitting a letter of motivation, your CV, your last two school reports and, if applicable, internship certificates. Once you have sent off your application you will receive a confirmation email. We will then check your application. You will receive further information by email and may be invited to attend a personal interview. You will also be invited to a taster day to get to know us better. And perhaps we can soon say to you: Welcome to the HABA FAMILYGROUP!

Unfortunately, we do not offer any trial internships due to the current situation. However, we will of course keep you up to date here.

We look forward to receiving your initiative application!

We are here for you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our trainee consultant:

Ramona Zwierlein
Human resources
August-Grosch-Straße 28 – 38
96476 Bad Rodach
Tel.: 09564/929-2318