Supporting them in this is our mission.

We shape the future for children. To achieve this, we use everything that makes us what we are: our imagination, our passion and our skills. We follow our own path because we truly believe in it.

Strong together. Because we are a family.

At the HABA FAMILYGROUP, mutual appreciation and a spirit of cooperation are more than just buzzwords. They are an integral part of our corporate culture. The people who work for us would rather join hands than elbow their way ahead. For you, this means: A working atmosphere that makes you feel at ease. And a shared vision with everyone pulling together.
A sense of community that’s typical for a traditional family business like the HABA FAMILYGROUP. All this makes your workplace a playground, a place where unique things are created.

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The history of the HABA FAMILYGROUP begins in 1938

Since its foundation more than 80 years ago it has grown to be an extended family of many different brands brought together under one roof.

Our Brands

develops high-quality and durable products, which provide children with fun, age-appropriate support with their development, right from the start.

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